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QUIZ- What Kind of Worker are You?

Written by Diane MillerFebruary 24, 2022
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Every professional has certain preferences that energize how he or she works. What is your work-vibe? Take our quiz to find out!


What is your ideal work attire?

a) The more comfortable the better- slippers, lounge pants, tattered hoodie and draped with a favorite blanket.

b) Wardrobe change! I feel best when I am dressed accordingly. A pressed suit for a morning board meeting, casual attire for an afternoon team building activity, and formal wear for the evening’s charity gala.

c) Business casual with pockets to hold business cards and cell phone. Accessible at all times!

d) Layers- I like to be comfortable with the varying temperatures of the office.

e) Colorful and eccentric fabrics to showcase originality.


What do you prefer to do during your commute?

a) I prefer a minimal commute of going to one floor to the next- with a pit stop in the kitchen to fuel up at the Keurig.

b) I use this time to check out the newest podcasts and digital interviews.

c) Stayin’ connected- I use this time to catch up on my handsfree phone calls!

d) I prefer to take different routes to and from work for a change of scenery.

e) I run through the upcoming day’s agenda and make “voice to text” notes.


How do you prefer to keep track of your schedule?

a) I have post-its on my fridge with appointment reminders.

b) I would be lost without my digital calendar, Facebook birthday reminders and confirmation auto texts.

c) I carry a physical planner to write in my appointments and love an appointment reminder card.

d) I keep two different schedules- one for work appointments and the other for personal obligations.

e) I do not like to commit to times unless necessary. I prefer “at your convenience” projects and “when you get a chance” meetings.


Who is your ideal co worker?

a) My cat, Nelson. He is a great listener.

b) I work best with someone who can teach me new trends and techniques.

c) I love working with people who are fun to go out to lunch or enjoy an ‘after work’ beverage.

d) I love working with a diverse team with different backgrounds and perspectives.

e) I work best with creative individuals who like to work as a team and collaborate on tasks.


What is your ideal happy hour or work event?

a) Let’s keep it digital- a zoom event or virtual conferencing is my favorite way to ‘hangout’.

b) I will go with where the group decides- as long as there is a great wifi connection.

c) Crowds don’t bother me- I prefer to experience the area’s newest and most popular restaurant.

d) I love interactive gatherings- a place where you can mingle or participate in a team activity.

e) I prefer a glass of wine and a creative workshop such as painting or craft.


What is your default zoom backdrop?

a) I like to showcase my seasonally decorated fireplace mantel.

b) My overpopulated trophy and ribbon sanctuary is the perfect background display.

c) Check out my shelves of framed pictures featuring yours truly posing with anyone and everyone of status that I have encountered over the years.

d) I prefer a rotating slide show of varying global landscapes to keep the imagination in check!

e) I have an easel and fresh flipchart in que to capture the meeting’s notes and agenda.


The Homebody (mostly a)

You are fueled by familiarity and comfort of a home office. You are most productive in loungewear and working out of an informal setting such as your plush couch or cozy recliner.

The Content Creator (mostly b)

You love to work in an environment that levels up your digital strategy. You see opportunity beyond deskwork in a work setting. The world is your backdrop, your surroundings are your props, and your desire to stay connected enhances your productivity.

The Networker (mostly c)

You are the connector- you understand the value of a strong ROR- return on relationships. You love to work in an environment that allows you to collaborate and leverage your personality to drive not only your business but others as well. You can direct your connections to valuable resources because you know everyone, and everyone knows you.

The Nomad (mostly d)

You love a work setting that allows for a change of scenery throughout the day. Changing your desk, room or even the direction that you are facing can reenergize your focus and inspire new thoughts.

The Brainstormer (mostly e)

A visual worker- you love a setting that allows you to easily capture your ideas and insights. Whether it be an office with whiteboards or a conference room with high tech note taking capabilities, you wish to be in an environment where no thought can be left behind and you are working within the eye of the “brain”storm.


align.Space is Chester County’s premiere location for coworking, shared office space, private offices, conference rooms, production studio, and private events. Located in a renovated historic building in the heart of downtown West Chester, our stylish space is an ideal setting for anything meaningful to take place. Come and tour to learn more about our membership options, social community and amenities.

Written By Diane Miller

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