The Newest HR Metric to Monitor- ROE

The Chameleon Worker

by | June 18, 2021

Just the walk down Disney’s Main Street in Magic Kingdom is known to put a smile on the grumpiest teenager’s face. Similarly, even the brave feel a bit uneasy with fear when entering the cobwebbed doorway of a dark haunted house. So what makes the “happiest place on Earth” trigger such an emotional response? It’s the environment- and Disney sure knows how to set the scene.

Now let’s apply this idea to the concept of a company’s work culture and productivity. I call this correlation; ROE- return on environment- and trust me, it’s a thing.

An employee will perform their best while working in a setting that encourages productivity and creativity. When engulfed in a dull setting, the employee’s motivation and interest will likely fade. In addition to the backdrop itself, an environment’s distractions can have a huge impact on not just the amount of output, but also the accuracy of work. A workplace setting should also have the resources and tools readily available that supports a day’s assignments. This includes things such as reliable internet, printing capabilities, whiteboards …and coffee. Although convenient, unfortunately, the truth is that many home offices (or kitchen countertop) are not equipped and designed for workplace efficiency.

The workplace also plays a huge role in echoing a company’s culture and personality. Through collaboration and interaction, employees can connect and support each other with a more casual and organic approach. It is common to find that some employees rely on direct interaction as an energizing activity throughout the workday. Isolation can dim the spark that propels productivity and dynamic team morale.

With the new transition of allowing teams to have the ability to work remotely, understanding your employee’s ROE will have a direct impact on your team’s overall quantity and quality of work. A low ROE will ultimately become a substantial administration expense.

So how can you boost ROE?- offering access to shared workspaces. Shared workspace communities continue to drastically rise in popularity and are considered to be the office solution of the future. With convenient and flexible membership options, these environments are solely designed to support productivity and encourage collaboration for the working professional. A shared workspace community gives workers a variety of comfortable desk stations, meeting rooms, strong Wi-Fi connection and more which allows members to focus on what actually matters, work. Beyond the ability to work with limited distractions, these communities also create a social component through events and activities that reflect a company’s desirable collaborative culture and team mentality.


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