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We have five meeting rooms, including a board/conference room, for meetings sizes of 6 to 20 people.
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About align.Space
Call Us: 484.473.8400
Walk in: 2 W Market St., West Chester, PA
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What Our Club Members Say About Our Space

The proof of their efforts is in the pudding…

The align.Space community has truly served as a source of collaboration and idea sharing for my own growing business.

Bill and Diane both habitually go above and beyond to personalize each member’s and/or guest’s experience, and are always thinking up new ways to differentiate align.Space from other co-office options in the area, elevate member experience, and enhance sense of community.

And, for me, the proof of their efforts is in the pudding: what I had intended to simply be a place for my business partner and I to hold meetings and conduct calls a few days a week has become one of my favorite places to spend time in the Borough.

Laura A.

You can focus just on working…

If you are an entrepreneur still working out of your house – make the investment in a dedicated work space like Align. I have no doubt you’ll see an ROI.

Great staff and its actually very spacious + you can focus on just working. No floors to sweep, paper towels to buy or trash to remove.

Tom Allen
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