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Member Profile: The Flexibility to Scale on Any Given Month

Rick Spano, CEO - Spano Industries / SICD
Written by Chuck GolderMay 31, 2019
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Video Transcript

"...I was gonna bring up the kegs downstairs, but maybe that’s not a good idea.

My name is Rick Spano, I’m the CEO of Spano Industries - we also go by SICD - and we are a lead aggregator. We buy and sell leads."

Why is align.Space right for you?

"We’re local to the West Chester area, and I’ve had larger office spaces and buildings, things of that nature, and all the different things that come with that; the printers, the copiers. And when we were looking for this office space we have multiple individuals that work for us all over the country, and some outside the country. For us this space seemed to be ideal, because we can use as much and as little as we want to."

What do you like about the Space?

"I love the energy. I think that the atmosphere and the people that work here, the other people that lease the Space, I think that entire dynamic works for my company.

I think that it’s very flexible for a company like mine. One month there might be six of us, there might be three of us, there might be 12 of us, and we can do that here where other offices you don’t really get to have that type of flexibility. It’s just a really, really, great concept.

I can’t work from home, I have four kids. (Who I love dearly, they’re everything in the world to me.) But I don’t work well from home, it’s just the way that I’m wired and I don’t think that my wife likes me there to work anyway, think I get on her last nerve. So this works perfectly for us and we’re appreciative of this Space.

(Plus schools out so it’s probably a pain to work from home)

*Laughs* Exactly right."

Written By Chuck Golder

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