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align.Space's Favorite Places to Grab Lunch in Downtown West Chester

Written by Chuck GolderApril 29, 2019
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Hillary Todd
(Community Manager)

Place: The Social Southern Scratch Kitchen and Bar
Location: 117 E Gay St, West Chester, PA 19380
Website: thesocialwc.com
Why: “Because I’m a sucker for their Nola Fries. It’s like crab and cheese (Oh, god, it’s so good.) Side note: Teca is so good but it’s expensive, but it’s so freaking good."

5cc726c20871f7cae92eed8b socialLounge | align.Space

Pat Taggart
(Vice President align5 Films)

Place: Liquid Eatery
Location: 18 N High St, West Chester, PA 19380
Website: liquideatery.com
Why: "Super healthy stuff that you won’t find anywhere else in town that tastes awesome." Case in point, this picture of their Matcha Pichu Smoothie and Avocado + Zucchini Pesto Bowl looks all kinds of healthy.

5cc725ec0871f7421a2ee624 liquidEatery | align.Space

Kevin O'Connor
(Vice President)

Place: Wally’s
Location: High & Market Streets
Website: n/a - click here to learn more about "Wally"
Why: "Wally [actually named Scott] is a staple of the community. He's been around for something like 35 years. He's fast, reliable, and has great dogs and sausage sandwiches!!! It's right across the street so it's my go-to I have cash and am hungry."

5cc722a70871f771fa2ed023 wallysWeinerWorld | align.Space

Chad Williams
(Managing Director)

Place: Market Street Grill
Location: 308 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Website: themarketstreetgrill.com
Why: "Being directly in downtown West Chester, we're really fortunate to be close to a lot of great places. But the fact that we have one of the best breakfast spots right next door in Market Street Grill means that I end up ordering food from them pretty frequently. It's incredibly convenient if I'm in meetings or calls all morning and want to grab some classic lunch food. Jaco Taco is really great too and only a block or two away."

5ccb3b8a0092de500b2cdf1c market street grill | align.Space

John Ratliff
(Managing Director)

Place: Mercato
Location: 33 Market St, West Chester, PA 19382
Website: mercato33.com
Why: "- for their [Mortadella] meatballs!!"

5ccb37968f45a4c6e3f4ad3d mortadellaMeatball | align.Space

Denise Richmond
(Chief Financial Officer)

Place: Teca
Location: 38 East Gay Street West Chester, PA 19380
Website: tecarestaurants.com
Why: "If you're into people watching, I'm a big fan of Teca with it's outside tables. It's up on Gay Street. They have really good salads and tapas."

5cc7296ee6cc135ccb30729c tecaPatio cropped | align.Space

Geoff Peel
(Web & Digital Marketing Specialist)

Place: Jaco Juice and Taco Bar
Location: 8 W Gay St, West Chester, PA 19380
Website: jacojuiceandtaco.com
Why: “I’m fairly new to the downtown West Chester and haven’t been to many places for lunch. (Only two, to be precise.) But I really loved sitting at the counter of Jaco Juice and Taco Bar. I sat down and was in and out of there so quickly. The food came quick but it was also partly because I inhaled my three tacos. Their corn tortillas which I’ve never been a huge fan of, are great. They’re big and chewy kind of like a flour one. The contents inside were also great and pretty inexpensive. I hear their water’s good, but I was still sipping on coffee from the office.”

5cc72a17e6cc13b09130873f jacoTaco | align.Space
Written By Chuck Golder

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