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Five Tips for Going “Social” During Social Distancing

Written by Chuck GolderNovember 6, 2020
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

Let’s (virtually) face it- our social calendar has become quite faded over the last nine months. Our DVRs and crock pots have never been so neglected. This can be painful for the de-winged social butterfly. It can also abolish the outreach, networking, and in-person relationship initiatives that were deemed necessary for your business. The personality of your business can still radiate, even from the comfort of home. Social media management is easily the first task to get booted from a daily “to do” list. However, (if you haven’t already) its time dig out those passwords and re-energize your company’s social game. Here are some tips to consider when planning your social media strategy. Get networking!

1)    Be well rounded- Different platforms attract different markets. Different platforms are the podium for different messaging. Understand the personality, features and dynamics of the different social media platforms. Broaden your reach by creating a strong presence on multiple platforms. However, the key is, adapt your voice, tone and content to the personality of each specific platform while remaining true and consistent to your brand’s market position.


2)    Be a regular- Once a week posting is not going to diffuse your message across the vast web. Frequency is key. You reap what you sow so create a reminder to implement a daily post and respond to engagement activity.


3)    A picture is worth a thousand words- Use visuals to support the messaging of your post. Stats show that a content that is accompanied with a graphic, video or picture generates significantly higher exposure and engagement.


4)    Stay in trend. Avoid using solely “salesy” and self-reflective content. Give a digital shoutout to clients, partners, vendors and community influencers. Incorporate micro and macro trending topics and hashtags. Even better- create a connection between a trending topic and how it relates to your business.


5)    Post with Intelligence. Use the platform’s insights feature to ascertain what is working within your content strategy. Social platforms provide very valuable information revealing data that will help identify the who, what, when and where prompted by each post.


Go the distance with your digital campaign. Mastering your social strategy will prove to be a game changer and emphasize the personality of your brand.

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Written By Chuck Golder

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