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Lunch Hour in Downtown West Chester

Written by Chuck GolderNovember 18, 2020
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

It is arguably the most anticipated time of the work day. No, not happy hour- adulting back at the homefront still awaits, just as those beverages begin to taste even more delicious. I am not talking about the mass exit at EOB and the excusable satisfaction of overtime not being approved by management. And certainly, I am not referring to the early morning meeting when the strong coffee has not yet seeped into the bloodstream. No, I’m referring to the highly anticipated lunch hour. An hour dedicated to freedom, text responses, limb stretches and an endless roster of grub options- especially in the ‘eatery stocked’ borough of West Chester, Pennsylvania. This mid-day break is dedicated to quieting the stomach growls and evaporating the drool formed as any focus was invaded with distracting thoughts of lunch selection. A decision not to make loosely, your lunch choice can undeniably make or break your afternoon.

I reached out to our friends at West Chester Grub to help create a lunch wizard for the town of West Chester. Use this list as an easy reference of meal recommendations from the pros!


Best Liquid Lunch - Jaco Juice

Best Vegetarian Lunch- Love Again Local

Best Spot to Bring a Client- Mercato

Best Spot for Working Lunch- Gryphon Cafe

Best ‘In a Rush’ Meal- Couch Tomato

Best Pizza by the Slice- Benny’s

Best Burger Lunch- Iron Hill (Turkey Burger for a Healthier Option)

Best Sandwich Lunch- Carlino’s

Best Variety (menu changes) Lunch-Slow Hand

Best ‘Eat your Stress’ Cheat Menu-Kildare’s

Best ‘Watching Calories’ Menu- Roots Café


One thing is for sure- competition is steep! As an employee within the borough and a resident on the outskirts of town, I recognize that the restaurant scene is one of the vibrant characteristics that gives this area so much personality and appeal. There is an abundance of dining options within a 5-mile radius that are all guaranteed to never disappoint. Bill Handy, align.Space community manager, loves to keep an ongoing rotation of lunch selections but assigns Market Street Grill as a constant contender. Personally, I love to keep it classic with the consistently delicious menu of Classic Diner, and love the new flavors that Mae’s is bringing to the table- literally. Looking for something unique, creative and satisfying? Visit newly opened Meatball U on High Street.

West Chester Grub is dedicated to supporting local eateries in the borough while introducing the community to a variety of dining experiences in West Chester, PA.

Our beautiful co-working space is located in the heart of downtown West Chester. On the corner of Market and High, align.Space is conveniently located just steps away from countless restaurants and boutiques. Give your lunch hour a promotion and work from align.Space!

Written By Chuck Golder

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