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Top Five Reasons Coworking Communities are Game Changers for the Work from Home Parent

Written by Chuck GolderDecember 21, 2020
Est. Reading: 2 minutes

“Mute your mic!”

Once a calm and empty setting in the day, our homes have become a hectic depot where two very different worlds collide - school and office. With limited outlets for device charging, the constant request for snacks, the cattle of an unfocused student, and the urgently ‘necessary’ shout of a child just as you unmute to speak to your top client, ongoing distractions have made it very difficult to accomplish…anything.

Professionals have learned that it is very important to separate work and home to guarantee undivided attention. Fear not stressed-out parents! You do not need to take conference calls from a closet or be interrupted by the thumps of PE class happening in your living room. Coworking communities are changing the game of how we work remotely. The flexibility and convenience of a membership brings sanity back to the demands of your professional existence.

Here are the top five reasons why coworking communities are professional sanctuaries for the working parent.

1.    Distraction Free: Silence is golden. Both flex community desk spaces and designated private offices are available in the Space. Regardless your membership preference, you can be certain that the family pet will not be nudging at your ankle for attention.

2.    Flexibility: Work around your schedule. 24-hour access to the Space offers you the flexibility to choose when and where you work. Join a monthly membership or simply come as needed with a day pass. Take back control of your work schedule.

3.    Amenities: Take a well-deserved break and enjoy the amenities that come with a membership. With an entertaining recreation lounge, member exclusive events, complimentary coffee and snacks- you are on the receiving end of the accommodations. Oh yeah… and beer and wine too! Overtime is always approved.

4.    Community: Relive the satisfaction of adult conversations. Not only is there networking amongst members, but also a camaraderiecreated over an end of week beverage from our beer and wine station. Surround yourself with like-minded professionals across many interesting industries, all in arelaxed setting.

5.    Balance:With no commute required, many remote workers are finding that there is no mental or physical separation between work and home. Leaving your home to work in a new, inspiring, and distinctly separate work environment allows balance and structure in your daily rhythm.

No need to work under such unfavorable conditions when a coworking community can provide you a warranted escape. Make your day and job easier – change your slippers and get back into a groove of giving your work the attention it deserves. What you do in the comfort of your own home does not need to be on shared screens.

Located in the heart of downtown West Chester, align.Space offers three floors of distraction free desk space and amenities. Contact us today to schedule a tour or learn more about our flexible membership options.

Written By Chuck Golder

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