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What’s in a Name? Four Local Companies Reveal the Origin behind their Company’s Brand Name

Written by Chuck GolderMarch 26, 2021
Est. Reading: 4 minutes

Backrub. This was the original name intended for “Google”. Now one of the most recognizable brand names in the world, the decision to rethink Backrub totally reset the tone to launch, grow and takeover under a more appropriate title.

Choosing a name for a business is a very important decision and can directly impact a company’s success. We reached out to a few recognizable local businesses to discover the origin behind their unique brand name. Allow us to name drop here as we tell their story.


Blue Dog Printing & Design

The story of Blue Dog Printing & Design began in 1999, when Bill & Debi Friedmann stopped at the Brandywine Valley SPCA to pick out a pup. Among all the pitbulls and rottweilers sat a dog who got their attention because she was different…her fur was dyed blue.

Four years later, they decided to expand on Debi’s already thriving design company (Designing Wright) and offer digital printing. The new company needed a name, one that was special…significant…unique.

On the night of their 7th wedding anniversary (in 2003), they were out to dinner at Duling Kurtz and Debi said “We are not leaving this table without a name!” Needless to say, they racked up quite a bar bill that night. Debi threw out “DigiDog” and Bill said “I kind of like that…” She couldn’t believe it! He actually LIKED one of her suggestions (even if just a little bit) and then he said “What about Blue Dog?” At that instant, Debi knew it was the perfect name, she could already see the logo in her mind. What better inspiration than the pup who stole their hearts by standing out from the rest?


After 13 years in business as West Chester Design Build, Chris and Angela Payson decided it was time to re-name their remodeling company. The old name, West Chester Design Build (say that 5 times fast!), served them really well for the first 13 years, but it never touched on the true heart of the company. What started out as a small local remodeling company, evolved, and transformed into something greater. The team started to grow, their service area started to expand, and they broke ground on a new Design Studio right here in West Chester, PA. It felt like the perfect time to rebrand and look towards the future, but the new name didn’t come to them over night.

There were three things that they wanted the new name to accomplish. Overall, they wanted people to know that their company is all about positive transformation, not just transforming people’s homes, but transforming people’s lives and the community. They knew that they wanted it to touch on the idea of “home” too – home as a place of refuge, comfort and growth. It was also important that the new name represented the 3 Stage Remodeling Experience – the unique process which guides their customers through their home remodel. And believe it or not, they wanted to accomplish ALL of that with one, single, memorable word. At the time, this felt like a real challenge but after months of brainstorming and late-night conversations, Chris and Angela landed on the perfect name: COCOON!

Zazen Nail Spa

When Zazen first opened, they wanted to create a nail salon that was different from the traditional 'in and out' salon. They envisioned a salon that provided all-natural services without all of the harmful fumes and chemicals. A place that was safe for everyone in the family including pregnant women. When a customer visits Zazen, they should know that the services are well thought out, the products are safe and non-toxic, the staff is friendly and highly trained along with cleanliness being a top priority.

They wanted a name that embodied peace of mind. That's when they came across zazen which means meditation in Zen Buddhism. It's a practice that involves “thinking about not thinking.” When clients are at zazen, they get to relax and enjoy the present moment. The only thinking involved is choosing a color of polish (over 200 Zoya colors to choose from!) With our busy schedules nowadays, treating ourselves to a manicure or pedicure will help relax to be more balanced.

Fig Industries

The name “fig” was chosen because of the many things it represents. Figs are an ancient fruit, cultivated for centuries. Figs are sweet, nourishing, and abundantly full of seeds that come together to create a beautiful whole. The fig fruit has even been known to signify unity, fruitfulness, and prosperity.

As the company respects the history of the fruit, in the same way, they honor the traditions and history of each of the individual Fig locations. The abundance of a fig’s seeds, and the care that goes into its growth apply to both the team within the Fig Industries studio and to the communities that they represent in their Love Local Kits.

Over the past decade, as the fig fruit has become more popular and Fig has grown, they have witnessed the important return to what matters most—their heritage, the community, and supporting each other locally. They learned that less can sometimes be more, and small is special... just like a fig.


As for us, align.Space is proudly named after our parent company, Align5. Align5 is an experienced professional consulting/coaching service. The name reflects our belief that simplicity is much better than complexity. Align5 works with values-driven growth companies to align around no more than 5 key initiatives or priorities at any given time to ensure focus and execution.

align.Space is Chester County’s premiere location for coworking, shared office space, private offices, conference rooms, production studio, and private events. Located in a renovated historic building in the heart of downtown West Chester, our stylish space is an ideal setting for anything meaningful to take place. Come and tour to learn more about our membership options and community offerings.


Written By Chuck Golder

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