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Local Social Media Influencer Unpinned! An Interview with ‘Eddie Knows West Chester’

Written by Chuck GolderMarch 18, 2021
Est. Reading: 4 minutes

Are you under the influence? Most likely you are and guilty of a DUI- digitally under the influence. Social media “influencers” are accounts that have a growing dedicated and engaged audience of followers. Slow your scroll- with posts that organically attract high numbers of “likes” and engagement, these social personalities tend to be featured high in the content feed due to their popularity. For these reasons, many businesses collaborate with these accounts to benefit from the partnered exposure of their reach and the viewer influence that they hold.

An influencer’s reach can be globally, nationally, or even locally. Detailed historic buildings, fabulous restaurants and shops, and ongoing united community initiatives- our area has so much greatness to post about.  It is no surprise that there is a roster of strong local influencers that truly capture the charm and collaboration of our community through their content.

“Eddie Knows West Chester” is a relatively new account that was created just this past December and has already scaled to over 1500 followers. Eddie’s page has an admirable intent of featuring local small businesses and initiating professional partnerships within the community. On top of that, he is a super cool baseball-loving dude who simply adores this town. Learn more about Eddie and his growing influencer status from this fun interview!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up right here in West Chester, PA.  I went to East Bradford, Peirce, and Henderson High School.  I grew up playing baseball for West Side Little League, helped run the snack bar there and started umpiring there when I was 14 and still do.  I was the baseball manager at Peirce, and Henderson High School.

How did the idea of Eddie Knows West Chester come about?

Well, I was making connections through local West Chester Groups on Facebook.   People were reaching out with different requests, and I always seemed to know someone or a certain business.  I would connect the need with a business.  This happened a lot and I really enjoyed making the connections, especially hearing back from the businesses thanking me.  So at first I thought I would just start a blog.  Because that was becoming a project, we decided to start on Instagram.  Now we recently launched our website.  We are still working on it with Enet Web Services to be interactive and to connect even more businesses.

What do you love most about our town?

There are so many things I love about our town.  I love that there is such a community feel to the town.  Everyone has connections.  No matter where I go, I always seem to know someone or make a connection. Even if I don’t know anyone, I do by the time I leave.  I also like seeing how our town reacted to this pandemic.  Although there is no doubt businesses are struggling, it seems to have brought many people and businesses together.

What is your favorite West Chester event? and why?

It is hard to pick one event.  I really like going to all the events that West Chester has. I think I would have to say the Christmas Parade.  We have such a tradition of getting to town early, having dinner, and then heading to Penn’s Table and then hang on the corner.  We always see so many people we know, and of course the parade is awesome.  Each year the parade seems to get bigger and bigger.  Hanging out with everyone that night and watching the parade is one of my favorite West Chester traditions.

What is the goal of the Eddie Knows West Chester Platforms?

EKWC’s main goal is making connections for local businesses.  We want to learn more about the community and it’s businesses, share our knowledge, and promote local support.

What’s your favorite season in town? Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring

I think my favorite season now is spring/summer because I like when everyone sits outside to eat and you can see how supportive everyone is for the local businesses.

What are some of your favorite local social media accounts that you follow?

I really like following many local accounts.  I enjoy WestChesterViews because I like seeing all the photographs of the town.  I also follow Feed Us West Chester and Surrounding Areas because they keep up with everything that is going on with all the local bars and restaurants and the spin off Shop Local West Chester PA and surrounding areas. I also like Support West Chester Local Businesses and Services.

Keep up the great work, Eddie! Click here to follow Eddie’s Instagram and Facebook pages. And while you’re at it, show align.Space some virtual love with a follow!

Photo Credit: Haley McDevitt 


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Written By Chuck Golder

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